Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Roasted vegetables out of the oven

I was almost set to go to my first dancing class yesterday night. It's been 2 or 3 years that I stopped to dance and I felt like something has been missing since then. I came back from INSEAD determined to start again. My friend referred me to Gala dance school and here I am. Something happened though and I didn't go. I'll go on Saturday. I really will. So I stayed at home doing guess what.

It is even embarrassing to put this recipe on the web, so simple it is. This is part of my daily life though. If I had to pick one way to cook vegetables from everything I know, this would be the one. I roast them in the oven. With herbs and good olive oil. And that's it. I've cooked this many times and it still surprises me every time: I do literally nothing but some amazing food comes out. Nobody including me is able to tear oneself from the plate till the very last piece is gone.

Roasted vegetables with herbs and olive oil

I take eggplants, sweet peppers, red onions and potatoes because these are my favorite vegetables. The thing here though is that you pick those YOU like.

Peel and core the vegetables and cut them into large pieces (whichever shape you prefer). Place them into a baking tray so that there is not too many layers. Season with salt, white pepper, olive oil and dry herbs (I used thyme here, rosemary and basil would also do perfectly).

Place the tray into a 200°C oven (use the grill function if your oven supports it) for 20 minutes. Take the tray out, turn the vegetables and move them around. Put the tray back into the oven for another 20 minutes.

The vegetables are perfect to garnish meat of fish. However I always end up eating them on their own right from the baking dish and with my hands (excuse me for the details). This time we were eating them together with my parents and brother and they were gone in 20 minutes!

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  1. Первые три картинки - шикарные и по композиции, и по свету. Льющееся масло - cool

  2. thanxxx Мишель снимал, я наливала масло)))

  3. Some of the best foods require little work by us. I love the simple seasoning on these fantastic vegetables.

  4. Just made this tonight. Decided I'm going to make this VERY OFTEN! We had it with brats.
    This is gonna be a great way to use my garden stuff, and keep things simple.
    The only problem I had was I didn't notice it was in Celsius so after 20 minutes I was like, why aren't you cooked! Oh, because I have you at half the temp I'm supposed to. Lol!

  5. That's great you the idea is useful for you!
    Yes, I cook them around 40 min in total. Sometimes 30 can be enough if there is no potato or you are making a small amount of veggies. Just take out in the middle to toss. Thus they get a more even color and won't get burned on one side.