Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chinese dinner at Druzhba restaurant (Moscow)

We finally made it to the Druzhba Chinese restaurant. From the Chinese places I know in Moscow this one seems to be the most authentic. The restaurant is located inside the Chinese shopping mall in the Moscow center. I heard that construction of the mall had something to do with the political friendship between China and Russia (though now I can't find any proof of that). That's why it bears this name "Druzhba" which stands for "friendship" in Russian. Apart from the restaurant the mall has a supposedly good Chinese tea shop and massage place.

Druzhba is surprisingly big inside with its many smoking and non-smoking dining halls. And this space was packed with people when we came there on Sunday night. Warm, lively, noisy and messy with Chinese waiters running around - made me recall Chinese places in Singapore.

Menu is quite long, written in Mandarin and Russian. Funny but the absence of English there complicates things. Russian translation didn't help to find the dishes I got used to abroad. Spring rolls are labeled something like "pancakes with vegetables and rice noodle" (in Russian). Pictures do help though.

After we ordered the food came quite fast and in very generous servings. Chicken with spring onions.

Sweet and sour carp.

Fried spicy tofu.

Soya souse eggplant. The food tasted fine to me though somewhat less spicy than I'd prefer. For some reason spring rolls came with a delay (I'd expect those at the start of the meal). We got completely full already so we took them away. At the end we paid around 30 euros per person.

I'm glad we came. We have no China town in Moscow, this felt like at least some compensation.

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