Monday, February 28, 2011

Eliseevsky store chocolate truffles

It's been a long time since I visited Eliseevsky store last time. Last week I got a chance at last. I was going to see my University scientific adviser. Following our long tradition I just had to have something sweet and really tasty with me. That's where I thought about Eliseevsky chocolate truffles.

Eliseevsky is a grocery store that was opened by Grigory Eliseev over a 100 years ago. Several years ago it got closed, restored, opened anew and became one of the Moscow sites visited by turists. That's when I saw it for the first time and got amazed by the beauty of its antique style interior and noticed its nice confectionary store. After that I found they were making there own hand made chocolate truffles and thought I should try them.

From freezing Tverskaya I entered the store and - oh - how warm it is inside! Yes, still same beautiful lights and ceiling. They do have some fruits and veggies which take some effort to find in Moscow. Tamarillodragon fruit, starfruit, lychees, artichokes and different fresh herbs. Good choice of cheeses, wine, fresh bread and chocolate.

The confectionery vitrine looked appealing to me. So I got a bag of bailey's truffles and took it with me. Half an hour later I entered my alma mater Higher school of economics old building on Pokrovsky bulvar and met my mentor I haven't seen for a while. He opened a box of Chinese smoked tea and poured the hot magic liquid into my brown clay cup. So warming! Yes, the chocolate truffles turned out to be quite good.

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  1. I was in Eliseevsky "100 years ago". It still the same.

  2. Really? I wonder what were they doing there during that long "restoration")))