Monday, February 21, 2011

Russian food bloggers cook


Yesterday I went to see some of the popular Russian food bloggers at a charity event by Livefund in Moscow. I was not sure if I should go, but at the end I loved it. I'm not yet into Russian food bloggers community, so I was lucky to get an invite from my dad, who is. Максим Сырников, Андрей Бугайский, Алёна Спирина, Ирина Чадеева and Елена Киладзе cooked beautiful food which was sold to their followers from the auction.

Thanks to the event we found a beautiful August cafe in the very center of Moscow. I'd never come across it otherwise. It's hidden inside a courtyard and has no signs at the big street. Well, almost no signs.

I've yet to figure out whether why that is. It could be because they just opened or there might be other reasons for not making the cafe visible to general public. Anyway, this particular evening August cafe seemed a pretty and welcoming inside.

The event started with 1.5 hour delay, but this time passed by with ease and pleasure. We were surrounded by caring waiters, glasses of red wine, well cooked and beautifully served appetizers.

Then the stars came out the kitchen with their masterpieces. Максим Сырников made a Coulibiac, a traditional Russian pie with several fillings layered with pancakes inside. Layers can be very different, from minced meat and fish to buckwheat, mushrooms, onions etc. This one had zander, salmon and boiled eggs inside. After some bidding it was sold for 10 thousand rubles (around 250 euro) to one of the participants (Livefund sponsor as I found shortly). He was nice to share the pie with the guests. So Максим Сырников got busy to cut it. And we got lucky to try it as it proved to be amazing.


Андрей Бугайский made 'just a piece of beef' as he presented his gorgeous looking roast beef. It disappeared from my dad's plate in under 30 seconds, so I suppose it was really good as well.

IMG_4950 copy

Then came beautiful Алёна Спирина. She made several items from blackcurrant jelly and sauce (which the roast beef was then served with) to citrus liquor and figs in red wine (that my dad got from the trades).

IMG_4924 copy

It felt so good to be there. I couldn't help thinking why not just live this way? Discovering food, writing and repeating.


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