Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's cocktail

St. Valentine's day is on its way and I keep meeting people talking about gifts to those they love. If you consider entering the kitchen this day, I've got an idea for you.

By some chance I had a bottle of white sparkling wine and a pack strawberries at home today. This make me recall a cocktail we keep making for many years for different winter holidays. I'm not sure where it is coming from, probably from one of old family cookbooks. If you find any cocktail simpler and more suitable for the Valentine's day than this one - you beat me.

Valentine's sparkling strawberry cocktail

serves 4 (if it's just 2 of you, it's also fine)

1 bottle of nice white sparkling wine (you can use either brut or semi-sweet)
400 gr strawberries (fresh or frozen, both work fine)
2 tbs lemon juice
2-4 tbs sugar (depending on the sweetness of your wine)

In a large blender cup combine strawberries (if using frozen strawberries, unfreeze them before), sugar and lemon juice and mix till smooth. Open the chilled wine and slowly pour it into the blender cup. Using a spoon stir accurately to mix the wine with strawberries. Pour the cocktail into glasses and serve with a straw. If you feel like some decor, add mint leaves or lemon zest strips on top.

Wish you happy Valentine's day and night.

Hope I'll figure out how to take proper pictures of glasses one day...

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