Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cinnabon Moscow bakery


Yesterday I commented on Максим Сырников's post about blini with my orange crepes. Unexpectedly I got convicted in using his blog to promote "some fast food chain" (Creperie de Paris, mentioned in my post I suppose). I wasn't really promoting any "fast food" yesterday. Today I am.

Today I moved to a new place and now I have to fill it up with all the necessities starting from toilet paper. That's my first night here. I'd be quite sad and uncomfortable but just look at what I see from my window. I'll probably spend a lot of time watching these lights and moving cars in the coming month.


Whatever I see from my window, my fridge is absolutely empty, so I'm going out for food. Arbat is pretty and full of lights. Lately I couldn't help my cravings for Cinnabon, so that's where I ended up tonight. Cinnabon is a US chain of bakeries specializing in cinnamon rolls.

They opened in Moscow a couple of years ago next to Pushkinskaya square. My dad once came home with a box of Minibons which were delicious. Cinnamon rolls are baked at point of sale and sold fresh (in the first 40 minutes of their life) soaking in their sweet frosting. The "older" rolls are sold with a discount in those boxes of 4, 6 or 9. Apart from classic cinnamon rolls they have a Chocobon and Pecanbon.


I always had Minibons before, but this time I felt greedy and got a regular size Cinnabon. Just looking at this size you can tell which country the bakery chain comes from.


Most of the time we had take away cinnabons but now I get that eating them fresh is really worth it. You can taste it's just baked and still warm! The frosting is still melting and so syrupy. I dealt with a half of this beauty and got completely full. All time take away box saved me, so the other half is now waiting for me in my kitchen.

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