Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coffee bean Moscow cafe - Pokrovka branch moved

I recently found from a friend that my favorite Coffee bean on Pokrovka street changed its location. In 2005 my university classmate took me there. Coffee bean was almost the place of her permanent residence. Whenever she was upset or just wanted to skip a class she always ended up there, in the noisy, light and friendly hall of Pokrovka Coffee bean.

Since then it became a place of our meetings. Later on Coffee bean became my "place of residence" for rainy days. So I was eager to check out how it was looking after it moved. That day I went to the university to visit someone: "Coffee bean? Yes we also always go there. The new one is even better." - he said.

I came to Pokrovka 18 (the old location) and found Coffee mania there instead. I looked around and - yesss - the new location was just 20 meters away. The sign was huge so that anyone searching in the old place would notice the new one.

That's how it looks inside. There is no sign of unbelievable old furniture which I was so used to. Nice and new deep armchairs, red sofas.

The menu looks almost the same.

Mocha coffee is something I really appreciate in this coffee shop. A lot of dark, bitter and thick hot chocolate mixed with a cup of espresso. Feels good. Now I'm warm again and out in the pretty Chistoprudny bulvar.

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