Friday, March 4, 2011

Mi piace Moscow restaurant - and really, I like it

We were going to visit Creperie de Paris yesterday, but the cafe (Mayakovskaya branch) turned out to be closed. Later I checked, other branches are working, but it's still a pity as this one was my favorite. Thus we ended up in Mi piace and that was good luck. I really feel like sharing this nice Italian cafe in Moscow now.

First thing I noticed in Mi piace (translates as "I like it" from Italian) were the pictures. Their main symbol is a girl making an amazing face. It is everywhere around you, when you are in the cafe. Apart from the girl, all the walls are covered with pictures of celebrities and ordinary people eating pasta in the funniest ways.

When we were students, we loved sitting there sipping tea and sharing a set of different delicious crispy cookies. This time we came for lunch and started from ginger-melon lemonade.

I love the design of the Mi piace cafe on Tverskaya. Especially when I'm sitting on the second floor next to the glass wall. The large busy street panorama is just next tome, but I'm so comfortable in my soft armchair in this quiet dining hall.

Then came the food which was good as it was always before. Seafood risotto and mozzarella stuffed ravioli. We haven't seen each other for a long time so we ended up sitting in Mi piace for some 3 hours, chatting and digesting the good food. Now we're sure we need to meet more often.

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