Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nash hleb (Наш хлеб) Moscow bakery


Once I saw Nash hleb (Наш хлеб) bakery next to Cinnabon on Arbat I knew I'll have to check it out sooner or later. Looks like I'm starting to get seriously interested in finding good bakeries in Moscow. Yesterday night I went in and set down for a cup of really nice cappuccino. I couldn't find the web site of Nash hleb but it looks like they might be part of my favorite Le Pain Quitidien.


Nash hleb is quite small and simple inside, but for some reason it looks frequented by expats and tourists. More than half the people inside were speaking English though the menu is printed in Russian only.


Looking at their pretty vitrine and menu I thought it's worth coming again for a glass of cider and some of their soups or salads. Then I came across this Moscow Eats post which made me sure I need to try their waffles. I'd also get some of their beautiful looking breads to take it away.


This time I took away "Solnechny krendel" (puff pastry with lemon-vanilla custard, the name translates as "sunny pretzel") and some macaroons. When I got home I got two surprises, a good one and a bad one. The krendel was beautiful - fresh and soft, with delicious sour sweet cream and light sweet frosting.


But - ah - the macaroons! They were looking so picture perfect that I thought I finally found a place to get them in Moscow. I didn't. They turned out to be very. Didn't taste any close to what macaroons are supposed to taste.


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