Friday, March 11, 2011

Prime Star Moscow cafe: English tea and carrot cake


I was passing by Prime Star and went in to get something for breakfast. After looking at the sweets I decided on the carrot cake. Almost every time I come to this cafe I end up taking it. When I was going to ask for a cappuccino I noticed an ad on their wall. It was offering "English tea" (Earl Grey or Darjeeling with milk).


Milk tea was something I hated as long as I remember myself. The way it was prepared in my kindergarten produced something truly disgusting. Everything changed when I came to Singapore. Milk tea is just all over the place there. That's one of the things that make you recognize Singapore as a former British colony. I used to always ask for "no milk" tea but once I was too slow. So I got a cup and tried it. I liked it so much that I ended up drinking it all the time for the rest of my time in Asia.


The steaming cup I got in Prime this time turned out to be flavorful and warming. It perfectly complemented the soft and moist carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Prime Star cafe has several cakes (lemon, chocolate and may be something else) along with this carrot one. While I was standing at the cashier a girl before me noticed the cakes on the vitrine and asked the sales person if they were good. The sales person said "yes, especially the carrot one". I just couldn't stay silent and confirmed this. The girl looked at me holding the cake in my hand and got one for herself.


It seems to me that Prime is mostly visited by office workers who need fast lunch or breakfast and also prefer healthy food. They mostly sell salads and sandwiches. Sandwiches I never tried, but the salads are always very fresh. I really like the one with rocket salad, baked beet, goat cheese and pine nuts, but it's not here today.


Another beautiful thing about Prime is their breakfast food. In the morning before work I used to get the rice or oat porridge, granola with milk or yogurt with fruits and cereals. Add a glass of fresh juice and a paper bag and I was set to enter the office and start my day in a really optimistic way.

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