Saturday, March 5, 2011

Simple things

DSCN2255 copy

I've been shopping hard these days to equip my kitchen since I moved to a new place. It is just unbelievable how much time it takes my to choose simple things like cups, teapot, glasses... I wonder what is going to happen when I finally get down to choosing food processor.


Things started moving when I came to European shopping mall zero floor. I never realized how many beautiful stores selling home goods it has. Picking pans and baking dishes seemed too complicated for today. So I started small, from wine glasses. For a long time I dreamed about sphere-shaped shiny red wine glasses and now I got 6 of them in Posudion store. After that I just had to get a bottle of wine.


Looking at different teapots I realized that mine needs to be a glass one. A fully transparent one. I love tea with berries and flower petals. And what can be better than watching it slowly infusing, blooming and giving out its color?


I keep wondering how can these simple little things give so much beauty to every moment of contact with them.


I also got the knifes. Now I'm sure they are really sharp as opening a sugar bag I cut my finger. I shouldn't have had so much wine from my beautiful glass.