Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A magic cup of cinnamon hot chocolate

I just needed something energizing yesterday night. So I thought about hot chocolate recipe I saw in David Lebovitz The Sweet Life in Paris. Happily I had an appropriate chocolate bar at home. I was too lazy to go out.

That's thanks to David that I realized how many different and delicious kinds of hot chocolate were available to me in Paris, while I was living next to it. After I came across his Paris Hot Chocolate Address Book I went to Paris the next day. Literally all the day I was going from one chocolate shop to another tasting hot chocolate and sometimes snaking other beautiful sweets surrounding me in each shop I came to.

That day I started from a cup of magic brown liquid Charles Chocolatier. Then I went to Stohrer and wondered at picture perfect pastry pieces. Waited in line to sit in Jean-Paul Hévin for another hot chocolate with a plain chocolate cake. Went to beautiful La Maison du Chocolat, where I was unable to try anything any more and ended the day in the line to Pierre Herme. Only a couple of weeks later we came to Angelina, which stayed my all time favorite hot chocolate place till I left France.

Coming back to earth, I really liked the chocolate I got at home following David Lebovitz recipe. I made it quite bitter as that's what I felt like, but you can half semi-sweet chocolate with sweet milk chocolate to get milder flavor. To me cinnamon adds a lot of beauty to the thing. I lights the flavor up and makes the cup luring and intriguing.

Belgian hot chocolate with cinnamon (recipe adapted from David Lebovitz)

2 servings (around 160 gr each)

70 gr semisweet chocolate (in Moscow I use Lindt 70%, it seems to be the best option available from most of the food stores) finely chopped
250 ml whole milk
tiny pinch of salt
1 tbs brown sugar
tiny pinch of ground cinnamon

Combine the chocolate with 1/3 of milk, salt and sugar.

Slowly heat the mixture stirring gently till everything melts together.

Whisk in the remaining milk and cinnamon. Heat gently till the mixture gets very warm and serve. Easy no?

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  1. 250 what of milk?

  2. Really simple and really lovely hot drink :)

  3. Thank you Madeja! Yes, love it too :-)

  4. Thanks for bringing it up! 250 mls/g of milk (corrected)

  5. I love your fresh ingredients and healthy food recipe!