Monday, May 9, 2011

Le Pain Quotidien Moscow bakery

Since I started working several weeks ago Le Pain Quotidien (Хлеб насущный) bakery has become a place of my almost permanent residence. It is a brilliant international bakery originating from Brussels. Since they opened in Moscow I loved their shops for their beautiful fresh (mostly Italian) bread and no least beautiful fresh salads and appetizers served with it.

Now the Moscow Kamergersky branch of Le Pain Quotidien is across the street from me, so every other day I end up visiting it. It is really peaceful inside this shop. Some relaxing music is on.

This started one morning when I met my colleague entering the office at 9 am and she suggested we go down for a cup of coffee. We ended up having breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. I finally tried their oatmeal with strawberries and honey. I noticed my colleague having it a couple of times before and was tempted by its delicious look. Well what can I say? It is exactly as delicious as it looks.

Once I came for lunch and took their "vegetarian soup of the day". It was pumpkin that day and it turned out quite interesting. They served it with beautiful and fragrant green oil on top. I guess it was olive oil with basil. The soup was very flavorful. It made me think about Indian dal. There must have been some lentils and/or curry in it. They added spice and warmth. Exactly what I needed as it was so cold in Moscow those days.

Next time I got mushroom soup and was happy again. Very fine texture, full and balanced flavor. My beloved basil pesto on top. It went perfectly with fresh and tasty Italian bread they serve to complement most of the dishes.


Eggplant and zuccini ratatouille is very flavorful. It is served chilled with freshly toaste hot and crispy bread. You can sprinkle it with freshly ground pepper, drizzle with olive oil - umm!

I do have to add that I love their cappuccino that comes in a comforting ceramic bowl.


It's just perfect with their sweets. Especially with their incredible chocolate chip cookies. They are so crispy delicious with these soft chocolate chips inside them. I always end up eating the whole giant thing.


Every time I come I keep snacking their beautiful brown sugar while waiting for food and looking through their menu. I really want to try their grilled vegetables platter, syrniki, lasagna, cheesecake and the list goes on and on.

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