Monday, June 27, 2011

Benvenuto Moscow Italian restaurant


This place I just have to write about. Since Benvenuto Italian restaurant opened next to my parents house in Moscow several years ago it became our all time favorite for a family meal out. And it still is today. There is something about its hospitality, comfortable sofas and food that we just can't let go.

During the last several years the small chain grew quite a lot. We mostly visited the branch on Generala Belova St. 23. Last time however we went to the one on Sretensky bulvar 6/1. Happily, the impression of this branch for me was same good.

Routinely, we started from cappuccino (mom), espresso (dad), orange fresh (Michael, my 11 year old brother) and burrata cheese focaccia. I always loved how they make fresh bread. Their focaccia is thin and crispy. You can pick the topping yourself. Apart from the burrata one, focaccia with herbs and garlic is really worth trying.


Given how many times we've been to Benvenuto restaurant, we should have learned the menu by heart already. My favorites are mushroom cream soup, pumpkin cream soup and caprese salad. However the menu is quite elaborate so I always struggle to choose. Should I have porcini risotto or asparagus risotto? Or should it be pasta instead? And so forth...


So does Michael. His struggle is around pizza. This time he got the Mexican one with bacon, tomatoes and tabasco. His taste for spicy food seems to be developing quite fast.


Mom's all time favorite is Lombardia salad with fried chicken livers, pine nuts, corn salad and strawberries. However this time she got my favorite mushroom cream instead.


Only my dad seems to have no problem making up his mind. He picked the Benvenuto salad with smoked sausages and his beloved carbonara. You might well understand him looking at its picture. Seafood risotto is his another favorite in Benvenuto.


This spinach fettucini with lamb and mushroom cream sauce was mom's first try this time and she seemed happy with the dish.


I wasn't too happy with my mushroom pappardelle. Not that it wasn't cooked well, but somehow I expected a different sauce. So next time it is definitely going to be asparagus risotto.


One more capuccino, espresso, orange fresh... Do we really need to leave?

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  1. I LOVE this restraunt! We have one by our house (far far far from the center!) and even there they manage to make it all deliciously well - food, service, atmosphere!)

  2. Agree. A also go to the one on Domodedovskaya - far far far from the center - and they manage it perfectly!