Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zu cafe - Moscow Asian restaurant


Since I moved closer to my job I see my parents way less often than I'd like to. To compensate for this I started meeting my dad on the weekends. Last time while we were looking for an interesting place to go my colleague suggested Zu cafe. It turned out a relatively recent Asian restaurant on Novy Arbat (there are also more branches, e.g. one in European trade center). Their chef is from Shanghai. The idea was to make a pan-Asian restaurant with healthy food.

My biggest favorite Chinese place in Moscow is Druzhba as their food really resembles what I got used to in Singapore. I must say that what I tried in Zu cafe also tastes good to me. Doesn't make me think about too much adaptation Asian food normally gets in Moscow restaurants. So we came there twice already.


The Novy Arbat Zu cafe branch feels very quiet. It was perfect for us to relax and chat a bit. The big thing in their menu is wok. You can pick the noodle you like (they have glass, egg, rice and some other kinds of noodle). Then you can choose one of many dressings from pork to seafood and veggies. My dad had the one with squid and bean sprouts. I picked the spicy one with shrimps and really enjoyed the springy fried glass noodle in brown sauce with crispy string beans.


They also offer dim sum. The portion includes 3 dim sum only, so you might want to order several at once. I tried the vegetable dim sum. They were OK, but nothing really special. My dad liked another one with beet and salmon, which looked really exotic to me.


We also had spring rolls and chuka wakame salad, both very pleasant. Chuka salad is my big passion. I picked it up in one of Moscow sushi bars. I love these springy seaweed with thick peanut and/or sesamy sauce.


What I really liked was Zu cafe spicy sweet and sour soup. I got used to the dish in Paris Chinese places. It is special because of its thick deep-brown broth. It is very flavorful and warming because of spice. I asked to make it almost plain for me. If you get menu version, it will also have egg, chicken and mushroom in it. It is definitely worth trying.


Zu cafe 
Новый Арбат ул., д. 17
+7 495 989-65-73

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