Monday, July 18, 2011

Cafe Sok (кафе Сок) Moscow vegetarian, vegan, raw

I woke up lost and frustrated that day. I just couldn't decide what to do. I felt too unhappy to write or cook. Posts or food never come out good if I don't have enough love to give out. So I just went out the door and started walking down the Gogolevsky boulvar. I was starving. I passed by Gogol-Mogol cafe, 5 spices, Beard papa's, but couldn't settle anywhere. I just was unable to take any decision.

So I went past the Christ the Saveur Cathedral, crossed the Moskva river and went along the Lavrushinsky pereulok and here it was - the summer terrace of cafe Sok (кафе Сок), right opposite Tretiakovskaya gallery. I thought I'll sit inside as I normally do, but this time the terrace was really comfortable and welcoming. Little birds were wondering around and singing right next to me. So I finally set down after 1 or 2 hours of walking.

I really felt like juice and that was lacky given the place focus. "Light vegetarian cuisine" - that's how you recognize the cafe by its stand on Lavrushinsky pereulok. To add to that "Sok"stands for "juice" in Russian. I got a carrot and celery fresh - I just love this combination. There are different fruits and vegetables on the menu, so you can construct your own fresh.

The waiters were kinda slow, but friendly. I did feel I was welcome. It turned out they had free wifi, so I took out my laptop to get busy while waiting for food.
I ended up opening my diary and writing, writing, writing...

My warm mushroom salad with tomatoes and spinach arrived. I consumed it as a wild hungry animal. It was so juicy and flavorful. You have to discount my opinion for the degree of my hunger though. The salad came together with delicious bread (not sure what it was made of, but felt like pumpkin or carrot together with caraway and some other spices).

I got a glass of white wine and continued writing. Half a glass after I switched from my diary to this post. When the glass was almost gone I thought that I needed to say something about the menu, which the waiters lackily left on my table.


The cafe Sok is just opened. Their web site is under construction, but they do have a LJ page, which already  displays the location and menu. Their waiters, though helpful, seem a bit lost. However this time I don't mind this for some reason. The menu is all vegetarian and is colored to let you know which dishes are vegan and which are raw.

I had some struggle choosing for the first time. It felt like there's a lot to try. Hummus with warm pitta bread, salad with pear and camembert, caprese, gazpacho, caponata, genovese gnocchi, tomato pasta with basil, rice galettes with vegetable ragout, pancakes with fruit and whipped cream, home made sweets and wine... I might end up here again next weekend.

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  1. This would be worthwhile visiting if in Moscow:)Food looks delicious and surroundings very pretty:)

  2. Lovely to read about your interesting time and food! It will be interesting to see how the cafe develops.

  3. That's true. I noticed tourists at the neighboring tables when I was there. The cafe it right opposite one of the main cultural attractions (Tretyakovskaya is the largest arts gallery in Moscow). Apparently they planned for tourists:) at least the English menu is in place.

  4. Thank you so much! I'll make sure to keep track of how the cafe is doing - I'm now becoming a frequent guest there. On top of that they run cooking classes - I'm going to the one about healthy sweets next Sunday and I hope to have a good post about it afterwards:)

  5. I loved this place when I went there about a month ago! I am vegetarian living in Moscow so I am always happy to discover new veggie restaurants!!

  6. Oh, nice to know you like it as well! I'm always looking for places too. They are emerging, but slowly. For now, Jagannath and Sok lead the list for me :-)