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Jagannath Moscow vegetarian restaurant and specialty store


It seems that there are some nice vegetarian restaurants in Moscow. I’m just starting to discover them as I’m quite new to vegetarian community, especially in Moscow. I just read an opinion that Moscow is quite empty for a vegetarian. I’m not saying it’s not true, especially if I compare it to, say, Paris or Singapore. However I just tried Jagannath cafe, which is the second place I do like. I also heard about a newly opened Sok cafe (translates as “Juice cafe”), which I’m definitely going to try in the nearest future.

I talked already about Avocado vegetarian restaurant, which is very cosmopolitan in its menu. Last week I discovered Jagannath. It seems to be quite old and established in the vegetarian community and is very much tilted to Indian food and healthy eating. The fact that its branch on Kusnetsky most 11 is walking distance from my work  makes me very happy for several reasons.

Specialty food store

First, there is a store right to the left from the entrance. It features a selection of special food ingredients of interest to those on special diets as well as some ingredients for Indian, Thai, Japanese etc. cooking. Surely the selection is not as comprehensive as, say, in the Indian spices store, but it is still nice to have it at this location.

What drew my attention among other things was the selection of flour (they had whole-wheat, buckwheat, oatmeal, rye, soya, rice and some more), fruit and vegetable chips (e.g. apple, broccoli), maple syrup, palm sugar, some rare vegetable oils (like flax, mustard, pumpkin etc). I also saw Chintaka hot chocolate. It is spicy dark chocolate sold in the form of powder. To me it's one of the few brands of hot chocolate in Moscow retail, which are worth attention. They even have pumpkin flour and dry coconut cream (it was the first time I came across both products, so I don't really know how useful they are).

Vegetarian cafe

Second, there is a free flow cafe. It very casual and fast, suitable to have a quick lunch, take some food away or relax with one of the books from their shelf or with your laptop (they have free wifi).

To the cafe I came once and tried the makhani dal with rice, vegetable stew and stuffed panir.


I must say the food in the cafe left me with a very good feeling. I mean it did feel healthy, comforting and generous. It had a character of the place itself, so I didn't really think about how authentic it was.

I also took away some sweets from the cafe. Carrot halwa was ok, but didn't impress me that much, however the barfi were really good.


Vegetarian restaurant 
Note: unfortunately closed couple of months after my visit, so it doesn't exist any more

That evening though we went straight to the restaurant itself, which is on you left after you pass the cafe.

The first thing we were really happy with was the room. Despite the Saturday night it was half empty and very quiet. Dark red decorated walls and large soft cloth covered sofas. We plunged into one of those and perfectly relaxed talking about one thousand things we needed to talk about.

The waiter looking more like a hostess was very hospitable. She advised us to try their saffron tea so we did and didn’t regret it. It is prepared with lemon, orange, ginger, raisins and spices and is amazing. Please take my apologies for the quality of pictures. My camera refused to support me that evening.

I was tempted by their lassis. After hesitating between “Turbo green” and “Afrodita” I decided on the latter one with spinach and carrot. It was fine, I just missed some spices there that would heat it up a bit.

Finally we got a thali dish. Dhal, eggplant pakoras, palak paneer, vegetable curry and basmati rice with an all time crispy papadum. I must say I enjoyed the food. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not saying it was authentic. I’m certainly not in a position to evaluate that and even my Paris and Singapore exposure to Indian food suggests it missed a lot of spiciness. I’m just saying it was tasty and felt like cooked with care.

We noticed it was 11 pm when the manager (looking more like a host) had to gently kick us out as the restaurant was closing. That’s when we saw we were the last guests there and went for a walk down the Kusnetsky most street to continue our everlasting talk.


After that evening I came to Jagannath some three or fore times already and it starts becoming a habit. One of the recent evenings I came with my mom and tried vegetable pakoras with mint sauce and tropical salad.

Kuznetsky most 11, Moscow, Russia

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  1. A lovely post and a wonderful insight! I love how the first vegetarian restaurants in a town or city make a wonderful hibrid of food to suit the local tastes! I very much enjoyed this post. Thankyou!

  2. Thank you for this feedback! It inspires :)

  3. Thank you very much. I just got to Moscow today. I will try these restaurants while I am here on vacation.