Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moscow cooking classes guide

I often get "where to go" questions about Moscow cooking classes. I have to say - it is amazing how many classer are now available in the city. The list of places I visited and places "to go" became so long that I thought it's a good time to put it together and share.

Most of the classes are yet in Russian. I specified places where English is for sure available.

Schools with scheduled classes:

Accademia del Gusto - Italian food, including pasta making

Bread Salt (Хлеб Соль) food magazine

Clever cooking studio

Del Corso - Italian food, English classes available on group order
Read about Fish and Seafood class with Artur Bagov at Del Corso 

Grimm Sisters (Сестры Гримм) - women only (amazing, but really)

Julia Vysotskaya cooking studio

Kitchen Details (Кухня в Деталях)

Gastronom food magazine

Le Pain Quotidien - pastry classes
+7 495 7268717, Metropolis shopping center, Leningradskoye Hwy 16А/4

Pinch of Cinnamon, English classes available

Ratatouille (Roman Rozhnikovsky academy) - English classes available on group order

Samovar Cook&Chat Club, English classes available

Taste of Russia - Russian and CIS food, English classes available
Read about Ginger bread house making at Taste of Russia

From time to time classes in restaurants / other studios:

Afisha Eda food magazine

Bulka pastry shop (classes announced on Facebook)

Cafe Sok (classes announced on Facebook) - vegetarian food
Read about Suki Maman master class at cafe Sok

Chai club - Chinese tea ceremony

Daikon sushi & noodle house - classes for kids

Half-a-teaspoon (classes announced on Facebook) - pastry classes
Read about Elena Spirina Custards and icings class at half-a-teaspoon

Jagannath vegetarian restaurant

Japan center - Japanese tea ceremony

Kitchen on your way - classes for kids

La Serenata - Italian food, Sunday brunches cooked at open kitchen (classes announced on Facebook)

LavkaLavka farmers products project

Meet & Greet open kitchen

Osteria Montiroli - Italian food

Seiji Japanese restaurant

Simple things (Простые вещи) cafe (classes announced on Facebook) - for kids

Theatre Culinaire culinary theater

Here is a short video of Russia Today on Moscow cooking classes, showing Bread SaltComme un ChefHalf-a-teaspoon and Pinch of Cinnamon.

Hope you will find it useful and will be happy to hear your impressions of schools you get to visit. I'll keep adding new places. Suggestions highly appreciated.


  1. Masha, you did such an awesome job!
    Thank you for sharing :-)

  2. oh my god i love you. i could cry
    i am crying!!!!!!! thank you for this


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