Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lunch at Giuseppe's osteria (У Джузеппе) in Moscow

My cousin and his wife visited Moscow for these winter holidays. They used this occasion to take a few skiing lessons and I used it to finally visit Giuseppe's osteria (У Джузеппе). We met there for a relaxed and generous lunch and since then it is my favorite pasta place in Moscow.

I was sick and disorganized throughout the holidays and almost missed them in Moscow. However the last day of their visit Sasha mindfully dropped me a message saying literally that there was just one lunch left to share.

I can’t tell you how lovely the empty Moscow is during the holidays. The normally busy Giuseppe's was almost empty when I arrived. Other times it would be highly advisable to make an advance reservation.

As far as I understand Giuseppe's osteria is affiliate with Italianets (Итальянец) restaurant, which is right next to it. The osteria is more casual and affordable. It’s dining hall is tiny with wooden tables, large homey red lampshades above each of them and with a huge blackboard. The blackboard occupies the whole wall and looks more complete than the printed menu, which is one page.

The host welcomed and seated me and I ordered one of the winter drinks listed on the wall in front of me. It was apple and feijoa tea, a hot and sweet infusion of fresh apple and fresh feijoa with lots of flavor and intense natural aroma. It felt like a good beginning.

Some 20 minutes later friends arrived and we finally started getting closer to the food. I was looking for fresh pasta as that’s what the osteria is famous for. The menu of that day was offering several options but I felt like something else so I started talking to the waiter. He seemed perfectly prepared for such a turn.

Which sauce do you prefer? Tomato, cream or pesto? I was more like cream or pesto. He told me which kinds of pasta they had freshly made that day. After some more talking we settled on fresh tagliatelle with four cheeses. They also cook from ready made pasta and my companions chose some of those: pesto linguine with shrimp and spaghetti carbonara.

My cousin started off with parma ham and veal tortelloni soup.

Rosemary focaccia was meant to save me from hungry death and it did. Then the pasta arrived.

The four cheeses tagliatelle were probably the best four cheeses pasta I got to try.

Pesto linguini with shrimp looked gorgeous to me and Sasha indeed liked them a lot.

My cousin said carbonara was “ok”. He must have his most favorite version of the dish somewhere else.

As always, I had no room to try any of the desserts, but when I passed by the dessert vitrine the chocolate cheesecake caught my eye and made me think seriously about taking it away.

I’m glad we came. I wish Moscow had many of such homey, hospitable and delicious Italian places. So that I could live next to one of them and just come downstairs for lunch or dinner when hungry.


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  1. great post and thank you for advertising beautifully Italian cuisine

    ciao mada (Grand_Ma)

  2. thanks to you!! I don't really know how I'd live without Italian food, so it just happens naturally:)

  3. Yeah, the 4 cheese tagliatelle do look very tasty.

    And it's quite funny to see an italian Restaurant's menu & blackboard written out in Cyrillic alphabet. :D

  4. I didn't think about that:)
    Must really look funny:)))