Monday, July 29, 2013

Crustless almond melon tarts

These almond tarts hardly take over half an hour to make because they are crustless. I suddenly found that this way I like them way more that the classic version in short pastry shells. You can use more traditional apples, pears or cherries instead of melon. I never thought about using melon here before a month ago. Turned out that it does a great job here, everybody seems to love the dessert, but I'll better tell you the whole story.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lunch at Strudel cafe (Moscow)


That was my first visit to Strudel cafe and quite a happy one. Besides a wide selection of strudels it does offer a full body European menu. I did get quite suspicious at first when I saw Caesar salad and pasta carbonara on their menu as both are trite for Moscow. However as I read further I saw some very tempting options like crispy poached egg with prosciutto and truffle sauce as well as goat cheese creme brule. In reality these two as well as lemon strudel surprised me very pleasantly. I would come back to have them again. As it often happens in Moscow cafes though, not all the dishes on a the menu are created equal, so I'll give more details below so that you can make a safer choice.