Maria Sorokina

If I had to chose one last thing to do in my life, I'd cook for people I love and then watch them eating. Nothing is as fascinating to me as cooking. After working in Moscow cafes and cooking schools I spent a year in Insead in France and Singapore, running Insead culinary club

I got lucky to learn to cook in many cities including London, Paris, Rome, Bologna, Calabria, Barcelona, Istanbul, Singapore and Moscow. I will always be grateful to my beautiful teachers who shared their inspiration and energy with me:

Suki Maman, pastry chef at Upside Down Cake bakery
At Sunrice chef academy and Palate Sensations school in Singapore
Katie Caldesi from La Cucina Caldesi school and L'Atelier des Chefs school in London
Terresa, food blogger and teaching chef at Cook'n with class school in Paris
Cook&Taste school in Barcelona
Andrea Consoli, chef at Cooking classes in Rome
Marcello Alperti, chef at Culinary Institute of Bologna
Olga Tikhonova Irez, leader at Delicious Istanbul
Patricia Barbiery, hostess and head chef at Barbiery hotel (Altomonte, Calabria)
Elena Spirina, food writer and TV cooking show host
Artur Bagov, leader and chef at Del Corso cooking studio
Eric Le Provos, leader at Comme un Chef school
Natalia Medvedeva, vegetarian food blogger
Svetlana Kerlevich, teaching chef at Gastronom cooking studio

Back in Moscow I started this food blog where you will find my best recipes and video classes of beautiful, delicious and inspiring food from around the world. I absolutely love gastronomic travel and quite often post gourmet travel guides. At the same time I adore my home Moscow and have several guides on Moscow food.

Since January 2012 we keep meeting on Saturdays at Pinch of Cinnamon cooking classes at our Moscow studio, cooking delicious food and sharing lovely time. That's lucky and proud that we were part of such Moscow food festivals as PIR fair, Afisha Eda food feast, Moscow burgerfest, Italy day at Flacon and Cooking weekend at Anticafe.

Here are our video cooking classes at TVJAM channel.

Recently we also started making desserts at FatDuck cooking evenings and hosted a dinner at Простые Вещи gastropub together.

I was very happy to see our first article for Gastronom food magazine as well as our tips for London street food published.

And now I'm working on our first gastronomic tour to Calabria and overall looking to continue in the same fashion:)

Thank you for visiting me and hope we'll stay in touch.


Wonderzine about Pinch of Cinnamon (September 2013): Девушки об MBA 

Как бизнес-образование окупается, лечит разбитое сердце и помогает открыть кулинарные курсы: Проработала два года в консалтинге, я начала понимать, что мне чего-то не хватает. А учеба на MBA в мире консалтинга - это возможность взять отпуск на год. Когда я еще готовилась к поступлению, я вспомнила, что люблю готовить, и моей лучшей работой в жизни была летняя подработка ассистентом повара в кулинарной школе «Гастронома». И вот в INSEAD я сделала студенческий кулинарный клуб. Читать дальше... 

Hungry Shark about Pinch of Cinnamon (December 2012): Место на кухне

Мария Сорокина в одиночку создала успешную кулинарную школу Pinch of Cinnamon и теперь учит всех желающих готовить блюда со всего света.  Hungry Shark узнал у нее, как не бояться кардинально изменить свою жизнь и где покупать качественные продукты в Москве. Read more...

Booz & Company about Pinch of Cinnamon (July 2012):

Whilst enjoying management consulting, Maria was still passionate about her hobby, gastronomy, which had emerged while doing her undergraduate education. At INSEAD Maria founded a culinary club, which united over 120 students and hosted various gastronomy events. During her time at Booz, Maria started a food blog and organised several cooking classes in Moscow. She realised that gastronomy was developing into more than just a hobby and decided to pursue her dream. Read more...


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