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Breakfast food

Apple and walnut muffins (vegan version)
Babbo's eggs (poached in tomato sauce)
Syrniki (cottage cheese pancakes)

Appetizers and Snacks

Basil and olive oil muffins (vegan version)
Baba ganoush (eggplant hummus)
Babbo's eggs (poached in tomato sauce)
Baked camembert with thyme and lingonberry jam 
Caprese salad
Crispy cheese quesadillas
Gravlax (Swedish marinated salmon)
Greek yogurt tzatziki (video) 
Moroccan cheese triangles (video)
Pomegranate tabbouleh with pita chips (video) 
Quiche with red onion and blue cheese
Quinoa salad
Salade aux chèvre chaud (French salad with hot goat's cheese)
Turkish eggplant salad 


Broccoli and gorgonzola cream soup
French onion soup
Pasta fagioli
Pumpkin and ginger cream soup
Red lentils soup
Tom yam kung

Pasta, Noodles and Dumplings

Beshbarmak (Kazakh meat noodles)
Cacio e pepe (pecorino and black pepper pasta)
Gnocchi with basil and tomato sauce (vegan version)
Home made pesto pasta
Jamie Oliver's pasta with oozy cheese sauce
Lasagna with spinach and ricotta
Lazy vareniki (cottage cheese dumplings)
Seafood pasta
Vareniki (Ukrainian dumpling) with mashed potatoes (vegan version)
Vareniki (Ukrainian dumpling) with cherries
Vareniki (Ukrainian dumpling) with cottage cheese

Grains and Legumes

Buckwheat with carrots and onions
Dal Makhani (Indian lentils stew)
Gorgonzola and spinach risotto
Pearl barley and cheddar risotto
Quince with fennel, nuts and raisins
Quinoa with smoky eggplant and roast pepper
Rice with green lentils (inspired by Kitchari)
Seafood paella
Slow cooked vegetable tagine
Steamed rice (without a rice steamer)
Thai pineapple fried rice

Meat and Poultry

Beshbarmak (Kazakh meat noodles)
Hünkar Beğendi (Turkish lamb stew on eggplant mash)
Roast duck with orange and ginger

Fish and Seafood

Gravlax (Swedish marinated salmon)
Seafood paella
Tom yam kung


Broccoli and Brie cheese gratin

Pastry: Pies, Tarts and Crumbles

Pastry: Cakes and Muffins

Apple and walnut muffins (vegan version)
Apple cobbler with Cheddar cheese
Banana bread (vegan version)
Banana upside down mini cakes (vegan version)
Basil and olive oil muffins (vegan version)
Blackcurrant vanilla muffins (vegan version)
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
Chocolate fondant 
Christmas Black cake (Rum cake)
Kovrizhka, grandma's spice cake (vegan version)
Kulichi (Russian Easter cakes)
Mini cupcakes - orange and strawberry cheesecake
Pumpkin and walnut muffins (vegan version)
Spicy hot cake with sticky toffee sauce
Steamed lemon puddings
Sticky toffee pudding

Pastry: Cookies, Biscuits and Brownies

Brownies with cream cheese topping (video)
Brownies with dulce de leche
Chewy oatmeal cookies (vegan version)
Cinnamon roll cookies
Cottage cheese and apricot cookie rolls
Petits sablés (French butter cookies)
Savoiardi biscuits (ladyfingers)

Crepes and Pancakes

Buckwheat galette with an egg
Crepe Suzette
Orange crepes
Syrniki (cottage cheese pancakes)

Other Pastry and Desserts

Carrot halwa
Chocolate and cherry trifle
Churros (Spanish doughnuts)
Italian spicy custard
Khachapuri (Georgian cheese pastry)
Moroccan cheese triangles (video)
Moroccan stuffed dates with pistachio marzipan
Pascha (Russian Easter cheesecake) 
Schneken (German sticky cinnamon buns)
Turkish baked halva (sicak helva)

Dessert Basics and Extras

30 minute jam (apricot/plum/strawberry)
10 minute lightly sweetened jam (lingonberry/cranberry/currant)
Apricot jam (varenie)
Butterscotch (toffee) sauce


Ginger tea with orange and raisins
Cinnamon hot chocolate
Champagne strawberry cocktail
Hot and spicy mulled wine
Moroccan mint tea
Spanish hot chocolate